Bridging The Gap

Steve Middleton & Ron L James

In today's society, we are facing addictions of all types - at epidemic porportions.

The stronghold of addiction is plaguing our communities in ways we have never seen before. Many of our loved ones are being consumed and lost to the grip of these challenges.

But there is hope!

Ron James and Steve Middleton have been led to capture the essence of the 12 Step Process in a dynamic way and have made it their life mission to help others discover freedom! Their approach is based on valid and proven foundations for recovery.

The power and true meaning of God's grace is witnessed by the deliverance of Ron and Steve from their long struggles with addiction.


Have a loved one caught in the grip of addiction?


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If I had not experienced the Choices To Freedom workshop, I would still be losing the battle with addiction... thanks Ron & Steve!
— J. Snyder

Choices To Freedom is a two-hour interactive workshop and training session.