About Choices To freedom

Steve and Ron know addiction.
They also know freedom.

Steve in 1992

Steve in 1992

Credit: LauraLynn Photography

Credit: LauraLynn Photography


Steve Middleton

For the past 24 years, Steve Middleton has been effectively impacting countless numbers of individuals through his words and his coaching.  Consumed by the ravages of drug addiction at an earlier stage in his life, Steven have dedicated his passion and energy in a very unique style of communicating the much needed information to empower and uplift his listeners and readers from all over the country.

A sought after speaker, Steven is also a published author of his dynamic book titled “Life Love Liberty", where he poetically captures the spiritual insights of day to day, personal interactions. 

A college graduate, Steven is currently employed as a Life Coach at the Water Street Ministries where he contributes to meeting the needs of the homeless population of Lancaster County and the surrounding areas.  A faithful member of the Brightside Baptist Church, Steven has been teaching and ministering to the men and women there and in the community for the past twenty years.

To his credit, Steven is also a former World Powerlifting Champion record holder.

Steven has recently partnered with Ron James of “Choices” Inc. Steven and Ron have created the “Choices to Freedom” workshop, a comprehensive application of the “12 Step Process” assisting in carving a new path to freedom for those struggling with the stronghold of addiction.

Steve resides with his beautiful wife Cherry in Lancaster, Pa, the heart of Amish country.

Ron's mugshot - 1992

Ron's mugshot - 1992


Ron L James

A series of bad choices led me into a life of crime. Some would say bad parenting caused my problems; some would say my circle of friends, luck, chance or people, places or things. However, I would say it’s all about choices – so much so that after spending 25+ years in and out of prison, I was finally challenged to write my book, called Choices.

My testimony became clear as I wrote my book. First and foremost, I found salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, and recommitted my life to him. As I wrote about my past and reflected on everything that happened, I began to see Ron James for who he really had been. Ouch! What a dose of reality it was to read about the kind of person I had been. I saw how I mistreated people, lied, stole, and destroyed everything good in my life.

Since my release, I have not had an alcoholic drink and I have not sought or chased after drugs of any sort. I have not seen a traffic cop, an intake officer, inmate guard, or the inside of any police station or prison. 

How did that complete change happen? The answer is: choices – good, conscious, moral choices – and a relationship with Jesus Christ who has forgiven my sins as far as the east is from the west. I want to live like a king, the King, every day of my life. There are countless bad choices to be made every day, just as there are countless good choices. The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow. So make your next move your best move; in this case, make your next choice your best choice.